Frequently Asked Questions by Apex Race Photography customers



* What is the difference between the sizes of digital downloads offered?

Answer - The low resolution facebook/Instagram option is 640pixels on the longest edge and 72dpi (dots per inch) and is suitable for web use only, great for posting to a social media site.  The medium resolution option is 1000pixels on the longest edge and is 150dpi which is suitable for printing smaller prints like 4x6 and 5x7.  The high resolution option is 3000pixels on the longest edge and is 300dpi which is suitable for almost any application.

* How do I browse through all of the photos from a particular race?

Answer - Don't want to search by plate# and want to look through all the photos from the race?  All you have to do is go to the menu at the top or bottom of any page there is a tab called "browse all races".  This tab leads you to a list of all the events that are on our site.  Pick the event you want to browse and click on it.  All the photos we captured will appear for your perusal.


* Can I see samples of the Magazine Cover option?

Answer - Yes.  In the menu at the top and bottom of each page is a tab called "Custom Orders".  Click on this and select "Magazine Covers".  Here there are several samples to look at.  The magazine covers are custom made and can include any text you choose.  They are a fun way to display your favourite photo or can make a great gift for that MTB racer in your life.


* How quickly can I expect my photos after placing an order with Apex Race Photography?

Answer - As quickly as possible!  The ordering system is not automated so each order is filled by our photographer as soon as is possible.  We have regular day jobs too just like you so we ask for a little patience.  We do try and make sure that orders are filled in a timely matter.  For print orders please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.